How to build OpenJDK…

Building OpenJDK with our script is really simple…

git clone

Docker Build:


Optionally specify --destination <path> if you want the binary to be copied to your machine.

Local Build:

./ --source $PWD --destination $PWD/OpenJDK.tar.gz


If you have any issues build OpenJDK then you can check all of the command line flags using:

./ --help

It’s also worth checking here for the latest issues if you are having problems.

2 thoughts on “How to build OpenJDK…”

  1. I’m trying to use AdoptOpenjsk and wanted to take the installation directory from Windows registry. But as compared to oracle there is no CurrentVersion parameter, so how can i get the installation path at runtime?

    1. Hi Ishu, please visit our Slack – – you should be able to get more detailed help there!

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