Bundling AdoptOpenJDK into a notarized macOS application

Some changes have been made to the way we codesign our macOS binaries. Read more

The First Drop: Introducing AdoptOpenJDK Quality Assurance (AQA) v1.0

AdoptOpenJDK Quality Assurance (AQA) is a curated set of open tests that we run against our release builds at AdoptOpenJDK. These tests assess whether a binary meets the high quality standards expected by enterprise customers. Read more

Move over Java Web Start — raise your glass to IcedTea-Web V1.8.1!

We are pleased to announce that IcedTea-Web is now available as an optional part of the installation mechanism in our Windows (MSI) installer for x64 Windows systems (other platforms to follow!). Read more

Sponsorship at AdoptOpenJDK

Do you want to sponsor the AdoptOpenJDK project? Read more

What’s up at AdoptOpenJDK

There have been many milestones reached at AdoptOpenJDK Read more

MacOS Binary Changes

As a result of a recent change in our build scripts, the directory layout of our macOS tarballs has changed. Many developers had requested that we ship our binaries in the native macOS binary layout rather than our traditional JDK layout. Read more

Using IcedTea-Web (to run JNLP) with AdoptOpenJDK.

We have produced a short slide deck and a video showing you how to get the IcedTea WebStart plugin working with AdoptOpenJDK binaries. Read more

Java Is Still Free and AdoptOpenJDK adds to your choices!

With the recent changes to Oracle JDK distribution and support there has been considerable uncertainty in the Java ecosystem. In particular there is confusion over the rights to use Oracle JDK vs Oracle's OpenJDK builds vs OpenJDK builds from other providers such as AdoptOpenJDK! Read more

Test Result Summary Service (TRSS)

As we support more and more tests, projects and Jenkins servers, monitoring builds health and triaging tests daily is quickly becoming an overwhelming task. We are currently maintaining 6+ Jenkins servers both internally and externally. Read more

Jumpstarting Open Performance Testing

Before I dabble in the juicy world of computer architectures and measuring and understanding performance implications, let me premise this entire post with a quick introduction to myself. Read more

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