AdoptOpenJDK Redirects

AdoptOpenJDK 301 redirects have been setup around the website Read more

Good-bye AdoptOpenJDK. Hello Adoptium!

AdoptOpenJDK has moved to Eclipse Adoptium. A few words on how we are supporting the transition to Eclipse Temurin. Read more

Transition to Eclipse - An Update

An update on our transition from AdoptOpenJDK to Eclipse Adoptium. Read more

Eclipse Adoptium Projects Ready for Community Review

Community Review is the last step before we can officially start Eclipse Adoptium. It gives all of you an opportunity to ask questions, suggest improvements, or raise concerns. We also have an update to our transition roadmap. Read more

AdoptOpenJDK Reaches 200 Million Downloads

Today the AdoptOpenJDK project celebrates another huge milestone. Read more

AdoptOpenJDK Virtual Roadshow

Join the AdoptOpenJDK virtual roadshow as we speak at a JUG near you! Read more

AdoptOpenJDK to join the Eclipse Foundation

AdoptOpenJDK will join the Eclipse Foundation and rebrand as Adoptium. Read more

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