Adding zOS to our Jenkins Build Farm

Adding zOS to a Jenkins server as an ssh agent can be a difficult task, that's why I've documented the steps that we were required follow to add our zOS machines to Jenkins. Read more

AIX is here!

AdoptOpenJDK binaries for AIX machines are available for download. Read more

Contributing to AdoptOpenJDK/Infrastructure

I recently joined the AdoptOpenJDK community, and chose to focus on helping to maintain the build and test machines and the automation used to set up and maintain them. Read more

SSH Key Management with KeyBox

Any project with more than a handful of machines will appreciate how much work is required to maintain them and ensure that access is kept to the minimum number of people. When we started creating our build farm we quickly realised how time-consuming this could be and so we wanted to find a neat solution to save us some time. One of the biggest issues that we found was giving people temporary access to machines. We would often find that the access was never revoked and this therefore became an administrators nightmare. Read more

Creating an Open Source Build Farm

When it comes to any community driven open source project, funding is always the limiting factor. There is no cheap way to get machines hosted for you in the cloud so it's essential that you approach as many companies as you can and try and build up sponsorship deals. Read more

Why GitHub Releases?

There are many advantages for us to using GitHub Releases for AdoptOpenJDK. Read more

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